7 Seas Brewing Co.

7 Seas Brewing

Est. 2008 | Gig Harbor, WA

7 Seas Brewing is an innovative craft brewery making audacious, technically well-executed beers, and was the first brewery in Washington state to utilize cans, rather than bottles, to champion environmental stewardship. Blindtiger has worked with 7 Seas for several years now - first establishing a new communication strategy for the brand including master brand updates and a new illustrative look for all packaged products, and more recently, we have gone through an additional update to increase legibility and reflect a more focused core line-up in distribution.

The Illustrations created for the cans are hand-painted to reflect the vintage inspiration of the brand and tell the unique story behind each beer. Technical limitations of can printing are considered to ensure visuals will be consistent in all applications.

7 Seas Brewing Co. Parrot

The Evolution of
Rude Parrot

The Evolution of Rude Parrot

Restructured Packaging Offerings

7 Seas Can Evolution
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