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Wander Brewing

Est. 2013 | Bellingham, WA

Wander Brewing moved into their warehouse brewery space in Bellingham, WA in October of 2013 to express their passion of fermentation through craft beer. A small, family-run team completely focused on quality and connecting with the local community, they celebrate and produce traditional styles, while simultaneously exploring mixed fermentations, blending, and barrel aging. The owners, Chad and Colleen, spent a large portion of their shared life traveling and exploring the world. The culture of the brewery is guided by the people and landscapes encountered during these experiences.

Blindtiger sat with Chad and Colleen to hear their story and bring their wandering ethos to life in their brand. The paper airplane in the logo embodies the spirit of their lives and beers. Each paper airplaneā€™s design, journey, and end point is unique, and that is a wonderful thing. This philosophy is entwined in the brewery enviroment and the beers they produce.

Wander Brewing Stamps
Materializing the Brand
Wander Brewing Stamp