Est 2018 | Seattle, WA

Sprezza, a partnership with Machino Vermouth from Italy and Scrappy’s Bitters from Seattle, collaborated to make an easy drinking vermouth spritz. Blindtiger worked with the Sprezza team to develop the name, brand and packaging of two core flavors, referencing art deco style in a simple and bold design. Knowing their ambitious plans for growth not only in the states but in the European market, we continue to support them beyond their brand foundation and with point-of-sale and sales support as they gain new opportunities.

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Sprezza Bianco Cans

Sprezza is a dry, bubbly and refreshing Italian spritz made by combining aromatized wine, bold cocktail bitters, mineral water and carbonation. In the 1950’s a handful of aperitivo producers in northern Italy experimented with carbonating and bottling their aromatized wines. Like the original pioneers, this is Sprezzatura in liquid form.

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Dry. Bubbly. Refreshing.
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