Rocket Frog Brewing Logo

Rocket Frog Brewing Co.

Est. 2018 | Sterling, VA

On September 6, 2013 a NASA rocket launched from its Wallops Island, VA facility and inadvertently created one of the most famous photos in the 300 million years of amphibian history. A NASA photographer captured a frog that was also set skyward by the rocket’s blast. This heroic amphibian immediately inspired David and Richard Hartogs, who were also about to take a giant leap. Their brewery in planning in nearby Sterling suddenly had its name.

We created a brand for Rocket Frog Brewing that paid tribute to its namesake and laid the foundation for all of their future growth.

Credit: NASA Wallops Flight Facility/Chris Perry

Rocket Frog Brewing Co.

Blast Off!

With the branding in place, Rocket Frog was ready to open their doors.