Hale's Ales

Est. 1983 | Seattle, WA

When Hale's Ales brewed their first batch of beer in 1983, there were less than a hundred breweries in the country. Opening a craft brewery was revolutionary in a way that’s hard to appreciate in today’s hearty market. Now there are more than sixty in their home of Seattle alone — and north of 5,000 across the country. So, needless to say, they've seen plenty of change since that inaugural batch. They've also seen plenty of breweries their age fail to adapt to the changing market and quickly find themselves irrelevant.

Hale's Ales recognized Blindtiger as experts in the industry that they could rely on for their brewery’s next phase. Hale’s wanted more than just pretty packaging. They wanted to take a step back and reexamine their company as a whole. We provided strategy and consultation on nearly every aspect of the business, including branding, packaging, beer recipes, beer offerings, social media and the taproom itself.

Refreshing A Local Legend

We designed a flexible logo system to meet the wide variety of needs a brewery of their size would have. The logo draws inspiration from traditional sign painting, keeping the character that the brand has established over the years intact. The color palette shares the same vintage charm, yet is vibrant enough to draw attention on any shelf. The familiar Hale’s Ales tankard icon was retained in the new brand, with a bit of a refresh.

Hale's Ales Rebrand

Hitting the Shelves

Over the years, Hale’s packaging had become disconnected. Beers in their lineup weren’t visually connected to their other offerings, the taproom or the overall brand. New packaging design applied a templated approach, reunifying the lineup on the shelf. Responding to market trends, focus was shifted to the beer styles, rather than the beer names. The same template is applied to the Hale’s Ales seasonal offerings. The first redesigned beer to hit shelves was going to be Bill’sner Pilsner, a summer seasonal, so it was important that it gave a proper introduction to the rebranded offerings to come.

Inside & Out

It wasn’t just the outsides getting updated. Beer recipes were modernized and reexamined. Walls were painted. Menus were redesigned. Taproom shelves were stocked with new merch. We also helped usher in a “15 Minutes of Fame” series, which puts a new, small batch IPA on draft every month of 2017. Keeping things exciting in the Hale's Ales taproom will only help move product in stores.

Love for the Distributors

We armed Hale's with visually attractive and easy to navigate informative sales tools such as sell sheets, release calendars and beer portfolios. We all just want to make life easy for the distributors.