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Chuckanut Brewery

Est. 1984 | Bellingham, WA

Mari and Will Kemper have a long and respected history in the beer industry, starting with opening one of the first craft breweries in the Northwest “Thomas Kemper Brewery” back in 1984. After many years of adventures, both near and far, they returned to their home in Bellingham, WA to start Chuckanut Brewery, in 2008. Keeping with the traditions of beer has always been a focus, and their 10th year anniversary marked a great opportunity to breathe new life into their brand while staying true to who they are. Blindtiger has worked with Chuckanut to provide an updated and functional brand system that captures their story, reflects the clarity and tradition of their beer, and doesn’t go too far from what their many loyal customers have grown to love over all these years.


Chuckanut Brewery Logo


Chuckanut Brewery Logo
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Chuckanut Brewery Logo