Bale Breaker Brewing Co.

Est. 2012 | Yakima Valley, WA

Located on Field 41 of their family’s hop farm, Bale Breaker Brewing Co. was started by the youngest generation of a family that’s been growing hops since 1932. We began working with them before they had a brand or even a name—just experience working at a prominent brewery, and a desire to create great beer that reflected their deep family history of hop farming and beer. We built an identity from the ground up, creating a fresh brand rooted in the family’s rich history of hop farming.

We began the process by immersing ourselves in the family culture to best provide guidance and solutions. This phase was not without challenges. While the family supported the younger generation carrying on hop-centric interests, they struggled with transitioning from their agricultural tradition into beer production. We worked to find a comfortable common ground and name that held onto the legacy of agriculture and ambitious energy they were bringing to the industry.

Branding straight from the vine

Brewing from a hop farm, Bale Breaker embraces a true farm-to-brew beer philosophy. They are fully immersed in every step of the process, down to the each intricacy of their brand. We visited the brewery during the hop harvest for a photo shoot. These images serve as the visual basis of the brand and are further leveraged throughout their packaging. Brewery merchandise takes a consistent, concise route with a variety of master brand graphics.

We can’t say enough great things about our relationship with Blindtiger Design. Our decision to bring their design team on early in the process of starting our brewery helped us build a solid foundation and a consistent brand that will grow with us as our business grows. We already get many compliments on our branding and know we have Blindtiger Design to thank!

— Meghann Quinn, Bale Breaker Brewing Company