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Old Stove Brewing Co.

Est. 2016 | Seattle, Washington

Vintage, warm and tactile describe Old Stove Brewing’s classic aesthetic. The brand is built on the era, materials and design of the brilliant Kalamazoo Stove, an Americana icon. Splashes of early 20th century advertising give the brand applications a quirky, approachable persona while evoking old world, industrial nostalgia.

We created the initial brand to fit their downtown taproom. Environmental application and crowlers were the immediate focus, but brands always need to grow and adapt. We helped the brand scale as they soon moved into a much larger facility, added two more, and expanded into more packaging. 

Old Stove Brewing
Old Stove Brewery
Old Stove Brewing Signage
Old Stove Brewing Glass
Old Stove Brewing Tap Handles
Old Stove Brewing Signage
Old Stove Brewing Shirt
Old Stove Brewery
Old Stove Brewing Cans

Pivot to Package

Covid struck and breweries pivoted. Old Stove Brewing rushed to get cans to market and into customers’ hands. We created templated solutions that could keep up with the velocity that the beers were getting produced.
Old Stove Two Pronged Crown Can
Old Stove Streaker Summer Ale Can
Old Stove Pomegranate Sour Can
Old Stove Pilsner Can
Old Stove Dortmunder Can
Old Stove Amber Waves Can
Old Stove Belgian Blonde
Old Stove West Coast IPA
Old Stove Irrational Exuberance
Old Stove Irrational Exuberance
Old Stove Doppelbock
Old Stove Piston Hondo

Core Beers

Old Stove Carry On Juicy IPA
Old Stove Twists and Turns IPA
Old Stove Road Ahead Juicy IPA
Old Stove For What It's Worth Juicy IPA
Old Stove First It Giveth Juicy IPA
Old Stove If Only Juicy IPA

Juicy IPA Series

Photos courtesy of Old Stove Brewing

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