Current openings are listed below, but we're always interested in meeting talented folks with a passion for the beer industry. So if you think you're a fit, email


BLINDTIGER Design is a Seattle-based, collaborative, fast growing and highly creative agency focused on all things craft. We provide our clients with innovative design, brand development and strategy and functional packaging solutions to support their growing businesses. Our work environment is focused, fast-paced, and energetic and we have a lot of fun juggling a multitude of projects simultaneously (most of which are for craft breweries).


Everyone here in the Blindtiger family embodies and appreciates the following attributes:

DRIVE | internally motivated / passionate and positive effort / desire to seek best ways to achieve goals (individual and group wide)

CURIOSITY | a sponge for our immediate and outside community surroundings / problem solving both big and small / innovative thinking

CULTURE | committed to the culture of collaboration within our team and with the broader community we work with

SKILLS | technical skills to execute goals / desire to expand skills / appreciation for thinking beyond the tools themselves

  • You have passion and an internal drive to act on your passions.
  • You believe the little guy can make a big difference.
  • You laugh at silly jokes and sometimes yourself.
  • You hold your own and contribute without much direction, but feed off the energy of others and love to collaborate.
  • You can tell the difference between an IPA and Pale Ale, but you aren’t a beer snob!
  • You recognize the strength of a brand experience expands far beyond its visual assets and applications.
  • You thrive in a multi-disciplinary environment in which you can jump from print to digital, strategy to production, director to doer.
  • You excel at working on a collaborative team, crave feedback and critique and know that ego will only impede the possibilities.

We are looking for a Designer to join our Blindtiger family. This candidate will:

  • Have leadership abilities – both in working with a team of designers as well as with clients.
  • Be responsible for the execution of hands-on creative work – taking projects from concept to paper to computer to presentation to production.
  • Design like a chameleon – being able to creatively execute in a wide range of styles from traditional, to modern, to edgy, etc.
  • Have strong interpersonal and communication skills – comfortable with client presentations and relationships.
  • Be pro-active, dedicated and ambitious with a sense of humor and an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Support strategic, conceptual and design development of multiple small and large-scale projects. Clients range from small start-up companies to large corporate multi-brand clients.
  • Provide hands-on conceptual design, production and execution for a variety of projects including brand systems
  • Effectively communicate with the team to ensure design objectives, timelines, production and delivery updates are both met and prioritized for each project. Much of our work has fast turnaround timelines.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to delivering the client’s brand through the briefing process, concepts and final solution.
  • Cultivate an understanding of industry trends and regularly share your insights with the company.
  • Provide alternative solutions and lateral thinking to stretch boundaries and redefine creativity.
  • Continually work to promote a positive work environment.
  • 3+ years of creative / design experience including being part of a team environment
  • Solid knowledge of graphic art print production both from the visual communication standpoint, as well as technical production knowledge
  • Traditional illustration skills (yes…an ACTUAL pen & pencil!)
  • Able to develop powerful visual presentations with both strong design and aesthetic effectiveness
  • Affinity for and attention to detail required
We offer:
  • Fun, beer-centric working environment in Ballard, Seattle
  • 3 month contract with FTE opportunity at contract end
To apply for the position:


YOU: Please submit a letter that gives us a feel for who you are, what you do, why you are interested in applying and what your interests/passions are. We want to know YOU not just your work. Give us a glimpse of your personality!

EXPERIENCE: Along with a link to your web portfolio, please submit a PDF with work examples that show us your diversity in style, quality of work, and type of work that excites you. Please also include a resume with any other details as to your experience as a creative