Current openings will be listed below, but we're always interested in meeting talented folks with a passion for the beer industry. So if you think you're a fit, email


Location: Seattle

Blindtiger Design is a creative agency focused on working with craft industry brands. We are based in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA.

At BTD designers are responsible for creating great assets and thinking strategically. BTD Clients expect strategic guidance paired with high quality work.

Illustrate early stage mockups and final illustrations that inspire clients.
What can be hand drawn that translates simple prompts into concepts?

Independently research the design subject and client.
What is the project subject matter and who is the client?

Define a brand concept from range of starting points.
Does the client have a brand, need a brand, or does the brand need to be reworked?

Interpret design briefs with varying levels of detail and work inside brand parameters.
What needs to be done based on the information provided?

Request specific critique and take critique of your work as fuel for the next round of work.
How can I use critique to improve on my process and my work for the client?

Present your work and provide documentation for your creative process.
What process steps and decisions led to this iteration and how does it tie back to the design brief?

Independently own a project with multiple tasks across multiple systems.
How can the the BTD collaborative environment be used to progress projects from concept to paper to digital to production?

Create and format assets that are SPEC specific.
What does the production vendor need to begin their process?

Continuously communicate directly and clearly.
Am I on the right track with my work at this stage of the process?

Position details: In-studio 3 month contract with FTE opportunity at contract end.

To apply: Email with the subject line "Graphic Designer Position." Send a short blurb about yourself, a PDF of your resume and 3 recent pieces of work you are proud of.